East Coast Home Care
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Home Watch
Our Home Watch Service is a core offering for part-time residents. Florida's humid summer months can wreak havoc on an unoccupied home. East Coast Home Care can relieve the stress of not knowing what's taking place in your home while you're away. Our Home Watch Service ensures your home is in good condition by providing weekly inspections of the following:
Security System
Major Appliances
Pest Infestation
A/C & Humidity Controls
Pools & Spas
Mold & Mildew
Storm Damage
On Call Program
Our On Call Program is designed for absentee homeowners who do not require Home Watch services. Whether you monitor your home's condition remotely or have a friendly neighbor look in on it while you are away; when an event takes place, you will need local support you can trust.

When a problem arises, East Coast Home Care stands ready to assess the situation, provide feedback and match the appropriate licensed and insured contractor to correct the problem.
Scheduled Services
Scheduled services are services that most Florida homes require on a perpetual basis ranging from weekly to annually. They can be delivered a' la carte or bundled together.
Opening & closing, for a special event or on a perpetual basis.
Carpet & Tile Cleaning
Window Cleaning
Pool Cleaning and Chemical Application
Pest Control
Exterior and/or interior plans available.
Air Conditioning Systems Preventative Maintenance
Change filters and algae reduction programs.
Pressure Cleaning
Roof, driveway, pool decking and whole house pricing available.
Landscape Services
Weeding and mulch application.
Unscheduled Services
Unscheduled services are unexpected repairs or home improvements.
Major Appliance Repair
Air Conditioning and Heat Pump Repair/Replacement
Handyman Services
For those small projects that are so difficult to get someone for.
Interior Painting
Hardwood Floor Installation
Driveway and Garage Refinishing
Pool Fence Installation
For children's safety and parents' peace of mind.
For those times that you need someone to gain supervised entrance to your home (in-home deliveries, repairs / improvements you have contracted, guests visiting).
Mail Delivery / Forwarding